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Why do 50 million students and educators around the world use Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are powerful, use less energy than comparable devices and they’re easy to repair, upgrade and re-purpose.

Google for Education and XMA are dedicated to the drive towards 1:1 – putting technology in the hands of each student in the UK. Central to this aim is the Chromebook, the ideal device for education.

Let’s examine the Chromebook phenomenon.

Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning

Chromebooks allow students to access adaptive learning. This is AI technology that’s able to assess a student’s attempts at a task and offer advice and exercises focused on the student’s needs. It’s like having an assistant teacher for each student.

It’s also true that every student is different, so regardless of need or personal circumstances, Chromebooks are built to adapt to each individual user. This isn’t just what every student needs, it’s what every educator wants.

A Sustainable choice

A Sustainable choice

Chrome OS devices use up to 46% less energy than similar computers.1 This would be impressive on its own, but add to that the ease with which IT teams can repair Chromebooks, replace components, upgrade them and recycle, ‘impressive’ takes on a new meaning.

Chromebooks are also constructed with rugged, durable cases and scratch resistant screens so they last much longer.

Highly secure

Highly secure

That’s right. Not just ‘secure’, highly secure. Chromebooks are the safest of devices to use in a connected data universe. They have security built-in, so they’re safe to use out of the box. It’s a point worth remembering that no ransomware attacks have ever been reported on any business, school or consumer ChromeOS device.2



For every student to have a computer, the devices must be accessible. We know school budgets are always tight and while price is important, it’s not the only factor. Students need devices that can cope with a rigorous and varied curriculum. Chromebooks are affordable and they’re also very powerful.

Chromebooks cost 53% less than other devices worldwide3

Simple to manage

The ease of managing a Chromebook fleet saves substantial time for administrative staff, which reduces operational costs. And a long device lifespan helps you get the most from your investment.

Efficiencies in deploying, managing, supporting, and securing Chromebooks save more than one day of staff time per device over three years on average.4

74% less deployment time

74% less deployment time5

ChromeOS Flex

ChromeOS Flex:
the sustainable upgrade

ChromeOS Flex can revitalise your school’s technology – boosting the performance of existing devices while slashing e-waste and energy consumption. Discover if ChromeOS Flex is right for your device refresh needs in our checklist.

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Driving innovation
with Chromebook

The Highland Council drive digital
change with Chromebook

Adopting as early as 2015, The Highland Council have been ahead of the curve with their digital learning strategy. To drive teaching and learning through a 1:1 technology deployment programme, over 22,000 Chromebooks were deployed to schools across the local authority. And with a worldwide pandemic arriving in 2020, their innovation meant schools were well equipped to move to online learning. Hear their story.


“We looked at both iPads and Chromebooks. Chromebooks came out on top because we really liked the way Google Workspace for Education and Google Classroom worked.”

Andy Robb, ICT Curriculum Liaison Manager at The Highland Council

Google Workspace
for Education

Chromebooks pair seamlessly with Google Workspace for Education Plus to create an all-in-one device that offers a unified, comprehensive teaching and learning environment. More than 170 million students and educators around the world use Google Workspace for Education to power collaboration, instruction, and security.

Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to assess the potential return on investment for education organisations. Among many benefits, it found that 35 weeks of IT time was saved across three years. Read the full report here.


Upgrade the classroom with Chromebooks

From enhancing digital learning to centralising device management, Chromebooks can empower students and staff alike with secure, adaptable devices. Explore our infographic to see the difference they could make to your institution.

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Technology shouldn’t get in the way of teaching

Learn how Chromebooks upgrade the classroom to deliver the best learning experiences in our guide.

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